Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Time Gay Threesome

With having Fridays’ off it afforded some time to work out and sometimes head to the beach nearby.I had no idea my first time gay threesome was about to take place. I had a good run that morning and then worked out for a bit, showered then drove to the beach. This Friday was unusually quiet, with only a few people hanging around. I found a nice spot to park myself, stretch out to enjoy the sun, have a few cold beers and maybe a smoke a joint, a nice mellow day off. Being a first time gay boy never dawned on me.


After a few dips to cool down I noticed this one guy who seemed to be looking in my direction quite a bit, never made or thought much about it other than he was in good shape and was obvious alone. I’m not the type to check out guys but that being said, I can still acknowledge whether a guy is good looking or not.   Anyway, I’m in taking a swim and he makes his way over to me and strikes up a conversation.....some small talk about the place, the great day, etc.... Like I said,having a first time gay threesome was the last thing I'd ever suspect to happen.

I decide to offer a beer and he gladly accepts so the conversation continues at my spot. Introducing himself, Craig joins me as we finish off the joint I had started earlier. We both get a good little buzz and share a laugh. He’s very friendly but I sense he is interested in more than some enlightening conversation. It is somewhat obvious that he’s trying to “pick me up” as the saying goes. Funny thing is it I was somewhat turned on by the whole meeting, even though nothing has happened...yet. I've never even had my first gay blowjob yet.

I’m a very open-minded guy and interested or open to suggestion to many things. I sort of always considered myself straight but “willing to learn” as the saying goes, it’s just I never really had the opportunity to try.

With the six pack pretty much done he mentions that he lives not far and would I be interested in coming over for a drink and hanging out...if I don’t have anything else going on.I've seen alot of gay sex videos.That's all I'll say on that topic.So I have seen first time gay sex.

“No, actually that sounds great, I would enjoy that” I reply. I know alot of things like this happen with first time gay teen sex.But enough of that thought for now.

“Where are you parked, just follow me. It’s like 10 minutes from here, just off one the side-roads” he tells me

“Ok, you lead and I’ll follow” I say sounding sheepish  

“That’s the plan” Smiling he heads to his car.

Following for the short drive I wonder real quickly if this is what I really want to do....I mean I have fantasized about it but the situation really never presented itself. Well it certainly looks like that is about to change!

In less time that I could change my mind we arrive at his driveway, ah what the hell let’s just see what happens I say to myself. I'm starting to wonder if gay threesomes is something that will interest me.Three gay guys sucking cock.Or it could be 2 gay guys taking advantage of a first time gay teen.Someone who's never been ass fucked.At least not by two different gay guys.

Offering me a beer, we clink bottles and take in a minute of somewhat silence.

“You know this is a first for me, I’ve never done this before if you know what I mean” I nervously proclaim

Putting a hand on my shoulder as if to reassure “Oh really, never? Don’t worry it will be fun and relaxed, promise”.

I’m still only wearing by dry loose fitting swim shorts and an open cotton shirt.

I hear a car pull into the driveway as we chat and enjoy the beer.

“I invited a couple of buddies over, good friends. Good guys you’ll get along great I can tell” he says almost reassuringly.

“It’s cool we’ll just go with the flow, ok!”

“Hey do you have anymore to smoke, might help things relax a bit?” he asks

“Yeah sure” I reply. I needed it,because I had a feeling I would soon end up being part of a gay threesome video.Maybe they were going to film me.

His friends arrive and both seem like cool guys, Carl and Rob....both are smooth, tanned and obviously into working out....introductions are made....beers are opened....etc.

I decide to light up that other joint....if that doesn’t loosen things up, nothing will!

“Hey how about a round of tequila shots to recognize our new friend?” Rob suggests

Craig follows his suggestion and pours 4 shots.

“To new friends” Carl and Rob say

“To a fun afternoon” Craig toasts

I smile and knock back the tequila. It warms my throat going down and gives me a shot of bravery.

“Why don’t you show Alex the rest of the place Craig, we’ll follow” Rob hints with obvious intentions

Craig looks at me, to which I nod in agreement. And off we go!

After a very quick “tour” we end up, as pre-planned in Craig’s room.I had a feeling my first gay blowjob was about to take place.

I haven’t said much...nervous excitement is getting the better of me....someone needs to take charge...initiate the action.

Craig decides to recline on the bed...removing his shorts to reveal a firm semi-erect cock that quickly gets harder as he strokes it all the while looking at us.

Rob and Carl come to my side sensing my apprehension....removing their shorts joining Craig, leaving me as the only semi clothed one left.

Rob reaches over and slides his hands across my open shirt while Carl moves behind me....his hands sliding up and down my arms to my shoulders.

“I’m a little unsure about all this” I reluctantly say.

“Well....your words don’t match what you’re showing down there” Craig suggests as all eyes look at my semi erect cock pushing against my loose shorts.

Rob slides his hand down and over my shorts, while Carl, with both hands effortlessly and without resistance from me slides my shorts down and off as I step out them.

Fuck it, I think to myself, just relax and do it.

“This is my first.....” I’m about to say

“We know and we are all very excited to have a virgin with us” they sort of say in unison.

“You won’t be a virgin after today” Carl says squeezing my ass cheeks.

Things move along let’s take our time here, this is let’s get ready and fucking.

My cock is standing at full attention, so no denying to anyone how turned on I am and we haven’t really gotten going, but that is all to change.

Craig moves to the side of the bed and starts stroking my cock quickly taking me in his mouth...slurping and lapping at the head getting it wet and slippery...taking me all the way down and sucking firmly as he pulls it out of his mouth. Now it's true.My first time gay threesome sex was about to take place.

“Hmmmm, nice cock Alex, and very firm” he says looking up at me.

He is nicely endowed himself, not huge but a nice shape.

Rob is about the same but Carl comes to my side to reveal a much thicker and longer I to take this inside me....surely they don’t plan on that.

Craig moves back up on the bed and beckons me to join him.

“Come and suck it Alex....take me in your mouth” he says. First time gay teen sex never felt so good.

I’m nervous, excited, turned on....etc, as I crawl up between his legs.

Taking him in my mouth, I try to focus on the nicely engorged head letting my tongue swirl around it and alternatively use my hand to slide up and down his shaft. Sucking cock for the first time was incredible.A gays first blwojob is something he always remembers.

Being on all fours I start getting plenty of attention around my ass as both Carl and Rob join us. I can feel someone tickling and lightly probing my virgin ass....lightly pushing a finger against it trying to get me to accept it in.

Then I can feel the warm wetness being poured liberally all over my ass, being slathered and spread all over. Two sets of hands are roaming all over my cheeks...spreading apart...firmly massaging them while a finger is now easily sliding into my tight little hole......loosening me up...preparing me....I can feel someone squeezing the lub right inside me.  

The bottle of Astroglide is passed to Craig as he applies it his already saliva wet cock.This gay threesome video was really off to a good start.

“You found him, you should be the first” someone announces from behind.

“Smear it all over Alex, get it nice and slippery. That’s nice....oh that feels good” Craig says to me

Do you want to feel my cock in you? You want to try getting fucked”

“Yes, do it but please take it slow, ok”  

Craig needs no more encouragement, he moves around behind me and slides and moves his hands all over my well lubricated ass. Positioning himself between my legs, he rubs his hard cock up and down between my ass cheeks....teasing me....then holding the head directly against my wet but still virgin hole....pushing firmly but slowly, waiting for me to relax.First time gay anal sex.It's an experience every guy should try.A cock up the ass feels incredible.

“Relax your ass, I’ll take you slowly” he reassures me yet again.

“Just put it in, will you” someone urges him on and with that, he does.

With a firm push he breaks through and his cock head is inside me as I gasp out. It’s a little uncomfortable at first so he waits a second for me to relax around him and slowly eases his throbbing slippery cock further into me, taking my breath away...taking my virginity away.

The sensation is overwhelming; it doesn’t hurt any more, as slowly he buries it deep inside me as I groan out loud, much to everyone satisfaction.

“Ohhhh yes that feels good” I exclaim.I'm not a first time anal gay.I'm so proud of it.I honestly crave sucking cock.I crave to swallow cum.

Quickly he withdraws almost all the way...pausing....then more quickly sliding back in.....once again I groan...gasp...something as this is repeated over and over...his tempo picking up as he is fucking my ass again and again.

A hand or two reaches around and strokes my throbbing cock and balls. They are enjoying themselves and enjoying me. Craig’s starts gripping and holding my hips firmly, he humping me and announces he is close to cumming....I can feel his balls slapping against me each time he drives deep.

“Cum all over his ass and back Craig” Rob tells him

Seconds later I can feel him stiffen up...his strokes more short and direct as he....

“Oh yeah....Oh....that’s it...Ooohhhh” he groans pulling out of me and spraying his hot cum all over me. I can feel him unload all over my ass and up on my back....I wish I could have seen him cum.


“Fuck man that was hot, nice tight ass” he comments to Rob and Carl

“Yeah, it looked good.....Move over and let me have a go at him” Rob replies.

  “How was that for you Alex? Did it feel good?” Craig questions

“It was intense, really different but good” I reply

“Well there is plenty more of that to come isn’t there!” Rob joins in

Flipping me over and pulling me to the edge of the bed Rob now stands before me.....he wants some of my ass. Oh the joy of firt time gay anal.It's such a fun,and exciting experience.

Carl starts applying a generous amount of lub to his waiting cock.....he’s not as slow as Craig was, as he positions before me, his cock in hand and without any hesitation or warning, his thick head passes through my now loosened sphincter and deep inside me. This time I can see everything as he is quick and much more focused....he wants a good fuck and it seems like he’s using my once taken ass to get it.

“Is that good Alex, do you like my hard cock in your young ass? He mocks at me.

Grunting, I reply that yes it is good but not so hard.

“It’s gangbang time. You’ll like it more with each time. Wait till Carl has his way” he sort of laughs

I’m just trying to keep up as he is relentless with deep thrusting strokes....taking a firm grip, he pulls my legs close and fucks away.

Damn he is hitting all the right spots prostate is getting stroked over and over....the experience is too much....

Carl pours a little lub over my engorged cock and starts gliding his wet, slippery hands up and down my thicker than usual shaft....I won’t last long like this...I can feel it building deep within and it will be huge

Rob has slowed his pace somewhat but still maintains a good steady tempo and looks like he is close to the edge himself.....his chest, shoulders and arms glisten from the sweat he working up.

This is an unreal experience and I’m totally into it....never did I expect anything like this, being used, getting fucked over and over.

I’m getting very close and more vocal with repeated moans and deep grunts at each full stroke.

“Ohhhh yes....OOOhhh ...Ohh” as I feel myself let go, waves of pleasure build and release pumping up and spraying way up to my chest, as Carl keeps sliding up and down making sure I feel every wave...every sensation.

With my ass gripping onto Rob’s cock he starts to climax......I can see him start to shudder and let out a moan. A teen gay threesome was under way.Three guys sucking cock.

“Oh yeah...that’s it.....ohhhhhh” as he pumps his hot cum deep in my ass with each stroke until he pulls out and with a firm grip squeezes out a few more drops.

“Goddamn, that was have a great ass there Alex!” he says between breaths

“You have good rhythm too. It was pretty intense” I reply laying back with a gooey mixture of cum and lub all over me.

With all this going on Carl’s “needs” are yet to taken care of as his massive tool is jutting straight out...swaying as he moves around.

“Have you ever seen someone get fucked Alex?” Craig asks

“No, like I said, this is all new to me”

Craig turns over onto his knees and bends forward....with Big Carl right behind him....already lathering up his tool. I can’t believe he is going to fuck him with that, I mean it’s thick and long with a very engorged head...glistening from the lub. With surprising ease he penetrates his ass with little to no resistance from Craig although a deep moan is coming from Craig as he slowly slides deeper into him.

I’m simply mesmerized by the sight of this whole experience....watching Craig with his ass being impaled by this long thick tool is too much.

After several minutes and with them going at a nice tempo Carl announces he wants to try me! Pulling out, his cock looks even bigger and harder than before; they all look directly at me.

Then Rob moves behind me and quickly they encircle me...pulling me face down on the bed....with Craig and Rob both holding my arms down and apart I can’t do much to ward this off.

A large pillow like thing is pushed under me to elevate my hips and ass....I am feeling very vulnerable and resisting is just adding to their excitement

“Just relax and’s going to happen either way. You know you want to” Carl is telling me as he forcibly pushes my legs apart. I try to close my legs but he is positioned in between now, dripping more astrolub down the crack of my ass as he smears it around.

He playfully starts applying pressure to my bunghole with that bulbous head waiting for me to relax.....a little push against my tight hole....then eases off...I can’t hold him off, he is going to take me. Again he pushes against me but this time he doesn’t wait and with a solid push “Ahhh...OOhhhh” I gasp out loud....he is inside me!

At first I feel like I’m going to split open...but he waits patiently for only a moment and my sphincter to relax somewhat....he pushes in more...more groans come from me as I can only wait and see.

Slowly he withdraws his fat cock but only to push way father into my wet slippery ass.Being double banged by two gay guys is a blast.I bet all first time gay anal is this way.

“Oh fuck it sooo big...please go slow” I plead with them. This is all just turning them on all the more!

Carl is now beginning to pick up a slow and then withdraw quickly and then slowly back in. Once again this pain is starting to give way to an overwhelming pleasure as he slowly but deliberately humps me for his own and the others fulfilment.

I realize now my arms are longer restrained by the others....I look up to see the two of them, erect cocks in hand jerking off while watching me get royally fucked.

Carl has now withdrawn his cock completely out of my he finished...but in the split second I think this he plunges back in...I loudly and very vocally gasp....again he pulls out but only to slide effortlessly back in picking up a steady rhythmic pace.

“Oh fuck that feels good....your ass is soo tight....I ready to cum soon!” he announces

“Should I cum in your you want that or all over your back?”

I grunt out something...I don’t know what to think other than this fucking I am getting like never before...all I can feel is this thick slippery pole gliding in and out of me giving me sensation like never before.The first gay sex is something us gay teen lovers will always remember.

“I want to watch you fucking my ass...see you cum” I say

Obligingly he pulls out and quickly flips me over, pulling my ass up on his thighs he lines himself up with no hesitation or resistance he slides his thick pole into me. Even as loose and as well lubed up he still takes my breath away as again I gasp out when he buries his tool.

“Oh yeah that’s nice like that.....oh yeah....Ohhhh” Carl is starting to build up and really pumps me hard...I’m just trying to keep up.

“Ohhh God that’s it I’m cummmming”

Humping away in my ass pumping me full as he then pulls out and sprays several loads all over me....what a sight!

His chest heaving from his huge orgasm, he lays back on the bed to regain his composure.....leaving me lying on my back also overwhelmed but still with an erection that needs some attention.

“Poor Alex, we have all had your virgin ass but you haven’t had a chance. Have you ever felt a tight ass around your cock before” Rob asks

Regaining my composure I respond “no never”

“Come over here” He directs me. For a first time gay sex experience this is turning out like a dream come true.I love anal gay sex.

Bending over and spreading himself for me, inviting me to go ahead.

“Go for it” Craig says urging me on.

I climb up behind him, kneeling between his legs, his smooth firm ass waiting for me...Carl and Craig quickly pour a large amount of astrolub over the both of us.

I ease my cock head up against his puckered hole and give a gentle push...with a little resistance and then I’m in!

“Oh my god it’s so tight” I let out.

He grips me like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I just ease my way in and begin to slide my throbbing cock but it is him who is pushing back against me driving me all the way in....I start fucking him and the feeling is incredible..he’s holding me inside his hot tight ass.

I look over and I can see myself in one of the’s too much....I want to cum sooo badly. I grasp his hips and start slamming my cock into balls slapping against his ass. I’m grunting away at the slowly building feeling in my lower body....I can feel it starting to get stronger as I hold him tight and fuck his ass hard. More and’s almost there... He's going to cum in my ass.

“Ughhhh yesssss ooohh!” I start to cum holding him tight against me as I pump load after load of hot cum in his tight willing ass.....wave after wave of pleasure surge through me unlike anything I have experienced before. I'm am no longer a first time gay.

I practically collapse on his sweaty rock hard cock begin to ease off as this unbelievable climax has totally taken me.

Gently he pulls away as I lay there still awash in pleasure.....the two others watch and then lightly fondle my now semi flaccid cock. First time gay anal can do this to a teen.

Enjoy the first time gay anal videos

First Time Gay Sex Video

I have always considered myself straight, my entire life hasbeen consumed by woman, I am attracted to them, I want them, I desire them and I have sex with them. But and this is big but, I have always had a fascination with cocks, ever since the first time I saw one as a teenager in the locker room.This is my first time gay sex video.

I know as men we are not suppose to look at other guys cocks but I was fascinated by them. I of course being a heterosexual male put it out of my mind. I went of to college and had lots of sex with woman. Eventually I got married and had kids.

When the internet came into being I was obsessed with looking at porn, eventually I made my way to some gay sites and my curiosity was peeked. Here I could look from the comfort of my own home at all the cocks I wanted to without fear of being caught.First time gay sex can be an obstical.

Then you start to fantasize about acting out, maybe I could hook up with someone without getting caught, someone anonymous, that doesn't know me, someone that would not shatter my entire world as I knew it. So this is the story of that encounter.

I joined several gay sites It seemed so simple yet I was scared to death to actually go through with it, it was one thing to fantasize about it, quite another to actually do it, could I really go and meet someone and have sex with them.

I unlike many people like to experience everything, If I was going to do this, I was not interested in just jacking off with a guy, or even just a blowjob, I wanted to experience it all, including getting fucked by a guy.

I put an ad out of what I wanted and I also looked at other guys ads. It may sound bizarre but I wanted a good looking cock, long and cut with a nice mushroom head, in reality quite different then mine. You see, I am circumcised, I am very well endowed with a cock that is 7 inches in circumference at the base, very thick indeed, but not cut.It was a perfect sized cock for first time gay sex.

I eventually met a guy who was gay and was interested in meeting with me. He was a good looking guy, and from the picture he sent, a very nice looking cock. His ad stated he was a top, which was fine with me. I have fucked a lot of girls, I was ready to experience what it was like to get fucked.

We chatted on instant messaging and eventually talked on the phone. He was hot to meet with me but I was resisting. It was one thing to have a fantasy, quite another to actually act on it.

I wanted to meet with him, I wanted to suck his cock and get fucked by him and I masturbated to it many a nights imagining what it would be like. But to actually do it was another story. I wasn't prepared to shatter my heterosexual world. But to his credit Jim persisted. He kept begging me, he wanted to hook up in the worst way.

I finally agreed, and as the day approached the more nervous I became, could I actually go through with it. I was determined to, but would I lose my nerve at the last moment.

I made the long drive to his home, he lived about 45 minutes from my house, plenty of time to chicken out. But I didn't, as I approached his home I really got nervous.Being a first time gay this was something I'm glad I got over.

I pulled into his drive way and looked around I was worried someone might see me going into his home, even though I didn't know anyone in his neighborhood, it was sheer terror, was I coming out of the closet. How could I be, I still liked woman, I was straight, maybe, slightly bi.

I knocked on the door and Jim answered, welcomed me in and I took a real good look at him, very good looking guy about 5foot ten to 6 feet tall about 200 pounds, short hair and did not act gay whatsoever, one of those guys you see in public maybe working out never dreaming that guy is gay at all.

Of course he looked me over as well, I wasn't sure what he was thinking, I found out later I am just his type. I am built like a big football player 6 foot tall about 245 pounds solid all over, hard like a football player with a bit of a gut I need to lose. Been described by others as a mountain of a man.

Jim showed me around the house very neat and clean and well decorated, now I knew he was gay cause no heterosexual man take care of their home that well. We seem to hit it off pretty easily and I was looking forward to seeing his cock. As he showed me his home we started to migrate toward his bedroom.

His master bedroom had a door that lead to the pool area and two things came to mind, the first was I would love to suck his cock as he sat on the edge of the pool, the second thought was, his door has no curtain, if someone wanted to, it would be possible for them to look over the fence and see Jim and me together.

Jim and I both looked at each other and we instantly knew it was time, he was on one side of the bed and I on the other, we both started taking our clothes off, as Jim bent down to take his underwear off I knew I would be finally getting a good look at his cock and I didn't have to look away, I could openly stare at it and it, was ok.

Jim had a very nice cock, I have been told there are two types of cock, showers and growers, I am a grower, it grows to a long thick cock. Jim is a shower, his cock was long and beautiful even soft. I openly admired his cock as he laid on the bed. I finished undressing and also laid on his bed.This was going to be a gay sex video to always remember.Playing it over,and over again in my head.

We got in a natural 69 position so we could both play with each others cocks. Moment of truth I was about to put my hands on a cock other then my own, I was living my fantasy, and for all those guys reading this story that has always imagined it but were afraid to act on it. I can tell you honestly it was amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it.

His cock was still soft and it felt spongy in my hand, I was very warm to the touch, I felt like I had a new toy. I was so consumed with Jim's cock that I had forgotten he was playing with my cock. Reality hit me in the face when I felt his tongue licking my cock and then his mouth swallowing it. Oh my god, it felt so incredible. It is true, guys do really give better blow jobs then girls. As he swallowed my cock I brought my attention back to his.

I took his cock and looked at it, trying to get the nerve to bring it closer to my lips, I knew if did that I would be forever known as a cocksucker even if it was only me calling myself that. I did it anyway, I brought his cock to my lips, I licked the head, letting my tongue swirl all around it. It was the most natural feeling, like I had been doing gay sex all my life.

I found something about myself at that moment, Li loved sucking cock, and this would not be the last time I sucked a cock. Yes I still loved woman but I found out I liked cock as well. I tried to take in as much of his cock as possible but I have to admit I gagged on it because he was so long.

But I kept trying, I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth he was starting to get hard I wanted to feel it expand in my mouth, and it grew even bigger and harder. I was sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow, I kept hoping this day would never end

I could tell Jim was getting really excited, I must have doing a hell of a job on his cock, his legs started to tighten up, I heard him grunt.

I relaxed and let nature take its course. He exploded inside my mouth. I felt the first wave of cum hit the back of my throat, it was so hot. It wasn't as bad as I thought, but he kept pumping more cum in my mouth, I couldn't hold it all in, some of it dribbled out of my mouth but I swallowed as much of it as I could.

If you had told me a month ago I would let a guy cum in my mouth I would have told you that was crazy, never happen. And it just happened, and I welcomed it, I wanted to taste his cum, I wanted to feel his cock throbbing in my mouth, I wanted to feel it jerk and inside my mouth as he came. His cum was salty, but I didn't care, it felt so good.Being a first time gay things were way better than I thought they were going to be.

I know what it feels like to cum in a girls mouth and now I know what it feels like to have a cock exploding in my mouth and I was hooked. I could tell Jim's head was very sensitive and I gave it a couple of more licks before letting him slide out of my mouth.

He then went to work on my cock, I relaxed and let him enjoy himself. He was an expert cocksucker, it takes allot for me to cum through a blowjob but he did and soon enough I grabbed the back of his head and held him to me as I exploded inside his mouth.

I cum allot I have been told by many a girlfriend That I am a heavy cummer, I guess it was too much for Jim, he could contain it all, so he got up and went to the bathroom to get rid of the excess.

We both laid in bed talking, I absentmindedly played with his cock and rubbed my chest. We soon got horny enough that I asked him if he wanted to fuck me and he said yes.First time gay anal sex is such an exciting first time feeling.

Here was another barrier I was about to cross, I laid face down on the bed, facing the poolside glass door, Jim got behind me and laid on top of me. I told him to go slow because I was not only had a virgin ass but a very tight one at that. Jim reassured me we would take it as slow as we had to.

I could feel the weight of his whole body on top of mine. I could feel his growing cock on the crack of my ass, he was rubbing it all over making himself hard. I felt it growing, all I could think about was feeling him inside me.

Here was another milestone I was about to cross, I felt his cock at the entrance of my ass and I felt him give a little push, he tried to slip the head in and OMG the most intense searing pain shot through my body and I told him to pull out. He did and told me to relax my ass muscles.

I didn't think I as going to be able to take his cock, maybe his cock was too big and my ass was to tight but I was determined to feel it, I told him to try again but to go even slower.

Jim took his time and this time he only slipped in the very tip of his cock, I relaxed my ass muscles and told him to push further. The pain was still intense but not as painful as the first time. I encouraged him to push further till his head broke through and was inside me. He felt me take a big breath and waited for me to tell him to keep going.

Jim kept pushing until before I realized it, his whole cock was inside of me. He laid back on top of me and we both relaxed a bit. I could feel all the weight of Jim on top of me but now I could also feel his cock inside of me. I really loved that feeling, my ass was full of cock and it felt incredible.

Jim placed his hands under my chest to draw me even closer to him and as he laid on top of me he started fucking me, nice and slow, I could feel every inch of his cock inside of me as he pulled out and pushed it back in.

We had a rhythm going, Jim was really getting into it, he was now fucking me fast and hard.I never knew gay sex could feel this good.

I whispered to him, "Fuck my ass Jim, fuck me hard, cum inside of me, I want to feel your cum exploding inside of me."

That sent Jim over the edge and he exploded inside my ass, I actually wished we could keep fucking it felt that good. He finally pulled out, sweaty and exhausted from fucking my ass.

We laid in bed together for a while, both of us resting, catching out breath. Finally after laying there for a while we both got up and got dressed and I left his home, agreeing to meet again.

One final thought, I was very lucky that Jim was my first, I needed someone who was both knowledgeable and gentle at the same time but could turn into an animal when needed. I can promise you this would not be the last time that Jim fucked my ass and I was already looking forward to the next time as I drove away from his home.I'll be making more first time gay sex video in the days ahead of me.